Botox, Bums, and Brazilians

Many anti-aging and cosmetic enhancement wonders of the world have either originated or become the craze in Brazil. From derriere "booty-jobs" to cosmetic surgery tourism, Rio residents are swooning over beauty treatments. The newest hit stirring around Rio and Sao Paulo is Botox. But in true Brazilian form there's a twist to the story. This isn't your normal outing to the dermatologist for your quarterly Botox prick, this Botox is for free and it's for the poor. Brazilians even want their poverty stricken residents to look like Giselle Bundchen. The Associated Press has reported that beauty-obsessed Brazilian Society of Aesthetic Medicine will be providing people who earn less than $250 a month with free Botox injections. The only catch is that Botox injecting trainees will be giving these people their dose of beauty. The organization is hoping this will give student doctors adequate experience for a booming industry, and similarly giving financially struggling people an opportunity to indulge in the luxuries of the lavish life. Photolink
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