Botox for Prevention?

We exercise and eat well to prevent gaining weight, so should we use Botox to prevent wrinkles? Preventative Botox jabs are becoming quite common among the twenty-something ladies. There are a number of downfalls to these made-up preventative measures. Firstly, it will cost you and arm and a leg to get these early-injections. In economic crunch times like right now, this is not the right place to be investing if you are say 25-years-old. Secondly, Botox is not a wrinkle-prevention treatment; it is used to temporarily rid wrinkles and aging lines in people who are AGING! And most importantly, the early-aged Botox will do more damage than good for your skin; the purpose is to add firmness to loose skin, not to add firmness to already firm skin. Rather than injecting Botox at an early age, relish the youthfulness of your age and worry about Botox later. Dermatologists would be frowned upon if they began Botox prevention treatments. So you'll be tough to actually find one who will do it for you. Leave Botox for the forty and fifty-somethings, and just enjoy your twenties. Photolink
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