Economic Meltdown Means One Thing ? BOTOX

Botox is no longer the way of the wealthy and beautiful, our global economic woes have begun to take a toll on cosmetic dermatology prices. A large number of dermatologists are cutting costs on facial fillers, with hopes of promulgating their practice and staying afloat during the tumultuous market. Fewer people are spending thousands on plastic surgery and opting for a cheaper alternative, however even Botox and fillers can get pricey. So to meet the demand and the financially problematic clientele, prices are being cut. Rather than seeing patients cancel or postpone appointments, physicians would rather drop prices and entice customers.
"Another recent poll of the group's members found that 62% reported a decrease in all cosmetic procedures the first six months of this year compared with the same time in 2007."
Though some procedures will never die out like breast augmentations and liposuction, many other elective procedures see dwindling numbers of patients. If this trend continues, we may see so many cosmetic dermatologists struggling and drastically lowering prices or making package deals to persuade customers to keep up their beauty and wrinkle-free looks. Photolink
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