New Face Filler Enters Market

Smile like you mean it. New cosmetic filler called Evolence designed solely for smile lines has swept into the derma world. Those on the hunt to look younger faster are in for a treat; previously parts of a persons face would look vibrant and youthful except for near the mouth. But this new filler focuses on wiping out the lines and wrinkles near your smile. The new treatment has a sundry of perks as well; the process is fairly painless, quick and leaves virtually no bruising in comparison to other facial fillers and Botox. Dr. Gerald Bernstein a dermatologist using the smile-line method said,
"I would say the likelihood of bruising is less than some of the other fillers. You can walk out of the office. You don't have to hide or wear dark gasses or explain to people that someone just didn't beat you up or that you had a procedure done."
Even better than the lack of pain and bruising are the fast results. After a few minutes it is said that the full effect of the filler kicks in. And for those of you worried about another anti-aging gimmick, think again, physicians say Evolence lasts nearly a year. Which not only helps your wallets, but your smiles as well. Photolink
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