UV Rays: How to Stay Safe

The summertime sizzle may be over, but with climate change and global warming a few hot sunny days may peer through the storms this winter. For those of you holidaying to the Southern Hemisphere these sun safety tips may come in handy. The International Dermal Institute is recommending that this holiday season, whether its rainy, cloudy or sunny for everyone to protect their skin from the suns strong Ultraviolet rays by always applying sunscreen. Dr. Diana Howard of the IDI encourages protection, "
We need to protect our skin any time it's exposed to daylight, not just when we think our chances of exposure are higher."
IDI has said that even daily low-dose exposure to sunlight can be damaging after a few years. Sunscreen application is essential to preventing skin cancer and skin damage. In some parts of the world the o-zone layer is completely depleted, so only 15 minutes in that area can cause serious skin damage and burns. Since we are creatures of habit, start adding sun-block application to your daily routine, after a short while it will become completely second-nature. Photolink
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