When Bad Acting Happens to Good People

This morning's Sydney Morning Herald Life and Beauty section gave me inspiration for this blog. Have Hollywood's leading ladies acting skills gone awry because of too much Botox? Well, this movie critic thought Meg Ryan and Annette Benning's acting was seriously comprised because of the lack of facial expressions. So should movie producers and film studios start sanctioning against actors delving too deep into the cosmetic world? Has Nicole Kidman's face and acting gone cold and emotionless? Maybe. According to this critic, in the film The Women, she was far too distracted by the lack of movement in Meg and Annettte's faces that she walked out. Slightly too drastic for my liking, but I do understand what she means. Actors have taken cosmetic dermatology and anti-aging to a new level. Moderation is the key here folks. Too much Botox, Juvederm and fillers can do more harm than good. So next time your due in for your Botox prick, do take caution in the number of injections. From now on the film industry should label their guidance ratings with: B for Botox, J for Juvederm and F for Fillers to forewarn patrons of their possible poor acting. Photolink
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