Who needs Tupperware when you've got Botox

Aging baby-boomers don't need anymore Tupperware, today these wrinkle-haters need Botox injections. The hottest at home party involves some hors d'oeuvres, champagne a few pricks of the wrinkle-ridding gem. Beauty at home has become quite the popular fad in cities like Los Angeles and Manhattan, but this new fad is taking even the Midwest by storm. Dermatologists in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan are being hired to go women's homes for Botox parties. Which is a safe way to bring anti-aging cosmetic dermatology straight to your home. Many women are apprehensive about Botox, so in the comfort of their own homes in front of friends they may feel considerably more comfortable. In recent months the notion of Botox for bridal parties was making waves, but Botox parties seem to be the trendy "it" place to be seen. The Desperate Housewives of Orange County have even had a party of their own. Photolink
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