Botox over Food?

The Herald Sun has reported an increase in Melbourne residents opting for Botox pricks instead of food. The astonishing article comes on the wake of one of Australia's most economically damaged months in history. The addicts are being stingy on food and drink with hopes of saving up for a wrinkle-ridding injection. Melbourne is most notably considered a city for lavish lifestyles, fine dining and indie style pubs, so to hear locals are choosing to sit out on a meal for a more youthful look is unbelievable. One example the Herald Sun talked about was in regards to a local middle-aged woman choosing Botox over eating out,
"They said women were foregoing fashion, hair cuts, holidays and alcohol for Botox. Southbank's Anne Marie Ellis, 45, said she could not live with wrinkles. 'When I think about the economy I get depressed, then I look in the mirror and I get even more depressed. So I make myself look good to cheer up,' she said.Ms Ellis has been having Botox injections in her face every six months for three years, paying about $500 a session."
Although many Australian businesses are struggling to make ends meet, the cosmetic dermatology industry has boomed by nearly 20 percent in the last year. The economy may have dropped, but not the Botox world. Photolink
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