People of the Recession

botox_derma_dec08.JPG Will women and the men of the recession start budgeting for Botox? I think not. Both the New York Times and Sydney Morning Herald reported today about the influx of 'recessionistas' as they call them, flocking to dermatologists and beauty clinics for that pre-holiday prick. However, many of these people plagued with the financial blues are budgeting all things, but beauty and Botox. So whether it's the platinum gym membership with valet service and laundry or a breast lift and Botox injection, women and men of the recession still keep up with the Jones. People seem to be willing to not eat out or shop as much, but not keeping up with Botox injections...that's just plain sacrilegious. Our culture is one that pursues and embraces indulgence and over-indulgence regardless of the pleasure pursued. So I find it hard to believe any woman or man obsessed with beauty and anti-aging with even consider cutting back costs.
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