3 Skin Tightening Procedures To Consider

If you've considered skin tightening treatments in the past but didn't know enough about them to move forward, consider choosing between one of these three popular choices: - Titan Non-Surgical Facelift. This system uses infrared light to tighten the skin over time so you won't get immediate results but your face will be younger than ever about six months after starting the treatments. - Skin Tyte. Skin Tyte can be used for many different reasons but is often used for simple things such as curing rosacea, reducing the effects of treatments like Botox and chemical peels and removing acne scars. These results are usually seen shortly after the first treatment or two. - Refirme. This uses Bi-Polar Radio Frequency to offer skin rejuvenation and wrinkle-reducing results. These results are usually seen immediately. Skin tightening is an option for reducing wrinkles and mitigating the effects of various other treatments. Talk over the details with your doctor in order to choose the type of tightening treatment that makes sense for you. Question of the Day: What skin tightening treatments can you tell us more about from personal experience? photo link
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