Are Botox Fears Really Scarier Than School Shootings?

There has been a lot of media attention on the whole Botox issue lately. The FDA has been investigating the safety of Botox after a group of concerned citizens linked child deaths to use of the treatment in mothers. This has caused something that could be called hysteria among certain groups of people. But an interesting article pointed out something important: there is other news going on. The article was specifically about the fact that the school shooting at Louisiana Technical College got very little media attention. It was lost under a cloud of other headlines, many of which were related to the Botox issues. Fear that is bred by the media is something interesting. We start getting excessively paranoid about one particular thing because it is given disproportionate media attention. That may be the case right now with Botox. Question of the Day: Do you think Botox deserves as much negative media attention as its getting right now? photo link
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