ArteFill Smiles with 5 Years of Success

ArteFill is an injectable wrinkle filler which has been approved for use by the FDA, making it a common skin rejuvenation choice for people who are concerned about both beauty and health. The company that makes this product was happy to announce recently that they've completed a five-year testing program which demonstrates that this product gets good results. The study looked at two different things. First, it looked at the safety of the product over time. And second, it looked at the efficacy of the product to determine the level of customer happiness over the duration of ArteFill's use. Both the safety and the efficacy of the product were determined to be strong. ArteFill is primarily used to reduce smile lines. Fine lines and wrinkles such as these can be treated in a number of different ways. Discussing ArteFill along with the other alternatives should be something that's done with your doctor prior to treatment. However, the results of this study suggest that this could be a treatment worth smiling about! Question of the Day: What treatments have you used for getting rid of smile lines? photo link
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