Celebrity Botox: Nicole Kidman

Nicole Kidman is no stranger to Botox treatments. She also hasn't hid the fact that she uses them as a way to boost her appearance. However, since Kidman is now pregnant with her first biological child, she's going to have to put the Botox on hold. As we dicussed last week here on the blog, a good doctor will tell you to stop your Botox treatments during your pregnancy (and while breastfeeding after the baby is born). We simply don't know yet what the effects are of Botox on babies so it's advisable not to take those risks. As we might see in the months to come with Nicole Kidman, you can still have a great appearance during pregnancy without the Botox. In fact, the baby fat you gain in your face during the pregnancy can simulate the effects you get from Botox when you're not pregnant. It'll be interesting to see when Kidman does resume her Botox treatments. It's generally recommended that you start working with your Botox doctor again about a month after delivery (if you're not breastfeeding). That's because the impact of the pregnancy on the body, and the lack of sleep that you're getting with a newborn, start to show on your face at about this time. Incidentally, it's not just the currently-controversial Botox that Kidman is ceasing during pregnancy. She is trying to go all-natural and has given up hair dye and other chemicals that could impact her body. Question of the Day: What would you give up from your normal cosmetic routine if you got pregnant? photo link
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