Celebrity Cosmetic Surgery: Brittany Murphy

There is speculation going around that actress Brittany Murphy got lip augmentation of some kind. More than that, there is gossip from the tabloids that the work that was done was not too good. Lip augmentation is most successful when it's done subtly to plump the lips without drawing a significant amount of attention to them. In Brittany's case, perhaps the work was a little bit overdone. The SF Gate says her lips are looking "badly shaped" and Awful Plastic Surgery says that the work would've been fine if it wasn't so excessive. Of course, there's a possibility that the cameras got to Brittany before the procedure had time to settle down. There's often some excessive poofiness right after a lip augmentation which fades throughout the day to provide you with the cosmetic enhancement that you're seeking. Question of the Day: What do you think; did Brittany Murphy get bad collagen? photo link
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