Facial Rejuvenation for Skin Cancer Scars

Skin cancer is something that leaves a lot of scars. While the worst ones are the emotional ones that result from having to deal with the frightening medical issues associated with the disease, there are also physical scars left behind from the cancer treatments. Historically, doctors have taken two extreme approaches to repairing skin cancer treatment damage: plastic surgery or natural healing over time. Although either of these methods may result in positive effects that reduce or remove the scarring from skin cancer treatment, a more moderate approach that lies between these two options might be a better way to go. Dermatologists have been breaking ground in finding facial treatments that can provide the beauty of plastic surgery without the invasiveness it requires. A recent article on this issue reviewed three skin rejuvenation treatment options that can be used in conjunction with skin cancer damage treatment to improve appearances. These three treatments were barbed sutures (for closing wounds associated with skin cancer surgery), skin substitutes (as a form of skin grafting) and laser or dermabrasion techniques. It is these latter techniques that particularly provide a non-invasive and efficient solution for many skin cancer patients today. Question of the Day: What reasons would you have to use a treatment like this after experiencing skin cancer? photo link
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