Singapore Cracks Down on Skin Care Doctors

For the most part, we have it pretty lucky here in the United States in terms of our skin care treatments and their safety. Sure, there's some questino every now and then about whether or not the FDA has been right in approving specific cosmetic treatments. And there are occasional problems with med spas offering treatments that they aren't allowed to be providing. But for the most part, we can do background checks on our doctors and discover whether or not they're safe people to provide our skin rejuvenation care. People in other countries don't always have it so well. The media of the Western world frequently finds its way to countries that can't afford the kind of skin care that we get here. The result is that the residents of thsoe countries want the same treatments that are available here but they don't have the same regulations in place for their doctors. Increasingly, this problem is being taken care of as countries start monitoring their doctors' practices more and more. One country that recently started cracking down on skin care doctors was Singapore. They are trying to make sure that the only people giving Botox injections and providing other medical-but-cosmetic treatments are doctors that are qualified to do so. Learn more here. Question of the Day: Would you get skin care treatments done in a foreign country? If so, are there limitations on which countries you would do it in? photo link
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