African American Anti-Aging Options

We have discussed in the past that there are some differences in the skin rejuvenation treatments that are sought by people with darker skin tones than by those with light skin tones. It has recently been revealed that those differences may make it more likely that African American populations will seek out anti-aging options for around the eyes at a younger age than their Caucasian counterparts. At the same time, this population may be able to avoid other skin rejuvenation treatments until later in life. According to a recent study, the general characteristics of the African American face make it so that the average person in this population is likely to experience aging around the eyes at a younger age than will his or her Caucasian counterparts. This makes the people of this population a set of more likely candidates for dermal fillers that boost the look around the eyes. At the same time, it is believed that the general health of this population's facial skin is better than that of other ethnic populations. As a result, this population may be less likely to seek out treatments such as chemical peels which are designed to reduce aging throughout the rest of the face. Of course, all people are different and these are generalities but they apply to a majority of the population studied thus far. Question of the Day: What aspect of aging in the face concerns you most? photo link
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