Botox Isn't Free For Doctor To Give Away

There is a case pending in Illinois in which a doctor may have to pay back a significant amount of money to the medical institute where he used to work. Apparently he decided to give out a whole bunch of Botox treatments for free so that his family and friends could improve their appearance without paying for the work. It's not just the doctor that is in trouble either. The patients who knew that they were getting the work done for free are also listed as defendants in the case. Basically, the institute says that everyone knew that they were stealing the Botox and that they should all be punished for their participation in the theft. In addition to seeking payment for the Botox that was used, the institute is seeking other damages as well. They want to get about three times what they would have gotten had the patients had paid up front for their Botox treatments. This isn't the first case that we've seen of stolen Botox. Perhaps this is a commodity worth more value than people realize?! Question of the Day: Should the doctor in this case have to pay back the exact amount of the procedure or additional compensation as well? photo link
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