GFX: The New Botox?

There's a press release floating around right now for a new wrinkle-removing treatment that's calling itself the Botox Hit Man. The product, which is called GFX, is designed to do exactly what Botox does but to do it better. Rather than using injectable botulism toxin, GFX uses radiofrequency waves to relax your wrinkles away. Another nickname that this product's been dubbed is "No-tox". "How does GFX work? This minimally-invasive, in-office procedure utilizes a specified dose of radiofrequency (RF) thermal energy, delivered through an insulated bipolar needle inserted near the eyebrows, on either side of the forehead. First, the doctor delivers a stimulating pulse through the needle to identify the appropriate motor nerve. Once the target is properly isolated, a radiofrequency burst reduces the nerve's functioning ability." (source) There are several reported benefits of GFX in comparison with Botox. Although the type of treatment that is used is one of the biggest benefits (because it's believed to be less risky to the health than Botox), there are also immediate benefits. That's meant quite literally since GFX takes effect immediately. Additionally, one GFX treatment may last up to six times as long as one Botox treatment does which means that you don't have to go in so often to get your skin looking smooth. Question of the Day: What concerns or questions do you have about GFX? photo link
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