Men Get Skin Treatments to Get Good Jobs

Guys used to have it easy when it came to grooming. They went in to get a cheap haircut every few weeks. They made sure to shave their faces in the morning before going to an important interview. They had a basic suit and tie that could cover most occasions. But times have changed and life is just not that simple anymore, at least not for professional men who want to move up in their careers. Open the pages of any men's advice magazine from GQ to Details and you'll see information for men about taking care of their appearance in order to move up the ladder of success. That means more than just a simple shave; it means getting laser hair removal, skin resurfacing and other treatments that used to be just for the girls. Learn more about this trend here. Question of the Day: Do you approve or disapprove of the trend requiring men to get more active in the appearance department? photo link
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