Physicians Warn Against Botox Parties

Botox parties used to be highly fashionable. They were primarily thrown at med spas which were interested in gaining new clients by offering a gathering place at their offices. People who were interested in Botox or other skin rejuvenation treatments could come to these parties to get information. If they liked what they saw, they could often start their treatments immediately. However, Botox parties are on the decline. The Physicians Coalition for Injectable Safety has warned against getting any type of procedure done at a party such as this. They have also warned people not to accept cosmetic procedures like dermal fillers as a "prize". You might still see Botox parties or injectables as prizes despite this warning. The real issue isn't whether or not you should attend these things. It's that you should always stay aware of the seriousness of the procedure. There is never any harm in getting more information about the work that you might want to get done. However, there can be harm in making rash decisions based on the impulse that you can get it done immediately. Think through the treatments before getting them done and look into the background of your medical provider before treatments begin. Consumers always need to be savvy, whether they're purchasing cookies or cosmetic procedures. Question of the Day: Would you still attend a Botox party? photo link
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