Researchers Look at Spread of Botox in Muscles

There are many concerns about Botox these days and that means that medical researchers are hard at work on trying to answer the questions that have come up about this form of cosmetic treatment. One such study took place recently at the University of Calgary and focused specifically on the way that Botox may spread throughout the body after it has been injected. People formerly thought that a Botox injection into a muscle would result only in Botox affecting that particular muscle. That's why it allows for the reduction of wrinkles in the skin. However it turns out that there's a possibility that the Botox doesn't just stay in that one muscle and actually moves throughout the body. This may be a cause of some of the problems that people have experienced with Botox. If it is indeed the case that Botox may spread after it's injected, a solution that medical researchers may work on is finding a way to reduce that spread in order to allow Botox to be used effectively with decreased risks to the body. In the meantime, you may want to ask your doctor about the alternatives that are available to you instead of Botox. With many other dermal fillers on the market, you may find that you like another product better than Botox anyway. Question of the Day: What do you hope comes of all of the Botox research being done lately? photo link
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