4 Reasons Dermal Fillers are Hot Right Now

Newswise has a summary of a new report by the Harvard Women's Health Watch which says that dermal fillers are on the rise amongst women seeking to look younger but disinterested in traditional facial plastic surgery. There are four basic reasons cited as to why women are currently interested in dermal fillers. Those reasons are:
1. Instant gratification. Most dermal fillers start to show their effects immediately which satisfies the urge to see instant results.
2. They're non-invasive. Many women are seeking non-invasive alternatives to plastic surgery that don't skimp on results. Dermal fillers fall into that category.
3. Limited side effects. Who wants to get surgery when it involves some nasty side effects? Dermal fillers limit the impact while maximizing rewards.
4. Reasonable costs. In addition to being lower in cost, the fact that dermal fillers are an ongoing procedure (with multiple treatments over time) provides an affordable option for those who need to make payments on their procedures.
In other words, dermal fillers are cheaper, easier and more immediately effective than plastic surgery procedures such as face lifts. Question of the Day: What would cause you to choose a facelift over dermal fillers - or vice versa? photo link
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