Anti-Aging Suffusion System Unveiled at ASLMS

Last week we saw a great number of dermatologists and other skin care professionals gather together in Florida for the 28th Annual American Society for Laser Medicine and Surgery Conference (ASLMS). A great number of products were promoted through presentations at this conference. One of the most interesting of these products was the Parisian Peel(R) Suffusion System.
"The non-invasive, pain-free Suffusion System is the first of its kind in the industry and represents a completely new method for achieving clinically validated dermal penetration down to the cellular level." (source)
Boiled down to the basics, it is a product which combines a basic chemical peel with a dermal infusion. The purpose is to increase the formation of collagen, improve skin tue and skin hue and increase the moisturization of the skin. In other words, it's designed to make your face look better by brightening it up, smoothing it out and making sure that it's not dry. Not all doctors are making use of this new technique. However, there are other products available that can also offer some of these same effects. If you've been thinking that your skin isn't really looking its best lately, you might want to ask your doctor if there is a similar treatment that would be good for you. Question of the Day: Would you be interested in attending an annual skin care conference such as ASLMS? photo link
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