Are Smart Women Dumb When It Comes To Skin Care?

A news article earlier this week over at took a look at the importance of being smart when it comes to choosing the skin rejuvenation doctor who is going to provide you with treatments such as laser hair removal, dermal filler injections and chemical peels. Profiling a med spa that opted to open its doors next to a plastic surgeon in order to make sure that there could always be a qualified doctor present for procedures, the articles points out that you should take your time in choosing the location where you are going to get work of this nature done. There's a great quote in the article from a woman who suffered burns from a chemical peel that wasn't done properly. She says:
"I'm always amazed at the number of smart women who make dumb decisions when it comes to their skin care," she said. "They'll spend hours picking out the perfect pair of jeans yet will pick a medical spa out of the phone book. ... I got smart very quickly" after the skin injury.
This quote highlights a really important aspect of skin rejuvenation - you should do your research! You want to make sure to interview your treatment provider and check their qualifications in order to get the best care necessary. This is true of any doctor and shouldn't be taken less seriously just because the procedure that you're getting might be non-invasive. Care for yourself in advance so that you don't have to remedy yourself from a bad treatment. Question of the Day: How much energy are you willing to put in to finding a great skin rejuvenation doctor? photo link
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