Celebrity Botox: Lulu gives it up but doesn't rule out other treatments

Lulu Kennedy-Cairns, known to most people in Europe by only her first name, is a Scottish singer-songwriter and television personality who has gained a decent modicum of fame overseas over the years. About to enter her sixties, Lulu has long been using Botox to reduce the wrinkles in her face and gain a more youthful appearance. However, she recently said that she's giving up the Botox because she doesn't like the results of it anymore. Lulu apparently really liked the effects of Botox when she first began getting treatments. However, as time has gone on, she has found that the Botox injections have limited movement in her face in a way that she just doesn't think is beautiful. She's opted to give up those injections in order to have a more expressive face, even if it means that wrinkles are going to crop up as a result. She hopes that through healthy eating and exercise, she can reduce those wrinkles naturally. However, that doesn't mean that this celebrity is ruling out all cosmetic treatments. She says that she may (or may not) be interested in others and offers the sage advice to do all cosmetic surgery and non-invasive surgery in moderation. She also warns that you should always get a good doctor to do the work! Question of the Day: Did Lulu look better once she started getting Botox injections? photo link
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