Housing Slump Causes Botox Decline

Most people these days are starting to feel a bit of a budget crunch. With gas prices on the rise and the economy on the decline, people are looking at where they can trim a little fat from their spending. One of the first things to go could be the cosmetic treatments that people love but consider to be a luxury. The Detroit News reports on a specific set of Beverly Hills women who used to schedule their Botox injections together. Slowly, they each started cancelling on one another until someone finally admitted that she just couldn't continue to afford the treatments. The report says that the problem is facing fans of dermal fillers all across the nation. When money gets tight, people need to cut back where they can. However, it's possible to continue getting treatments while spending less money. Options include choosing a less expensive dermal filler, spacing your treatments further apart and working with your doctor to reduce the costs of the procedure. Question of the Day: Would Botox be among the first things in your life to go if you saw a budget problem in your near future? photo link
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