Lips More Prone to Aging than Skin

There is an interesting report at Medical News Today which is intended to remind women that they should be careful in protecting their lips from the sun. The reminder is a good one but the article itself is interesting because it brings up a point that not many people realize; your lips may be more prone to aging as a result of the sun than your skin is. This is something to keep in mind when using preventive and treatment methods for skin care protection. The article specifically discusses the importance of being careful when using lip balms and lip glosses. These are items which actually draw UV rays to the lips (as opposed to protecting them from the sun like sunscreens do). However, it's important to do more than stop wearing lip gloss. You should also be actively working to protect your lips from aging. Your skin rejuvenation doctor could be a useful resource in this area. Question of the Day: Were you aware that the lips may be more prone to signs of aging than the skin? photo link
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