Mayor Removes Wrinkles to Improve Statute of His Likeness

Imagine if a statue of you was going to be made and it was going to stand in your city's downtown section. Would you be immediately thrilled at the prospect of having your likeness located in the heart of your town? Or would you be panicked at the idea that this permanent image of you might look just a little too realistic? Dick Greco, former mayor of Tampa, found himself feeling a little bit of both ways when he discovered that a Bronze statue of himself was going to be erected in the new downtown plaza that is named after him. Sure he was pleased. But when the sculptor started crafting the wrinkles in Greco's face, he got to thinking that this wasn't quite the way he wanted to be remembered. Luckily for Greco, he's married to a woman who does anti-aging treatments for a living. He took the time to go to her clinic and get some facial rejuvenation done to get rid of some of those wrinkles. It worked. And sure enough, the sculptor changed his design after seeing him again. Greco may be in his seventies but that doesn't mean he wants to forever look old! Question of the Day: Would you expect a government official to be interested in anti-aging treatments? photo link
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