Skin Care by the Decade

An important article over at Health News Digest recently took a look at the way that each of us should approach skin rejuvenation treatments during different decades in our lives. Some of the information coming out of this article includes: - In your twenties, you should focus on protecting your skin. Take care of adolescent skin problems such as treating remaining acne with photo rejuvenation. - In your thirties, start looking out for early age spots and nip them in the bud with microdermabrasion. This is also when you should be looking into dermal fillers to end those emerging wrinkles. - In your forties, you'll start upping the ante on anti-aging treatments. This means working with your skin rejuvenation doctor to create a plan that makes sense for you in terms of frequency of treatments like dermal fillers and chemical peels. - In your fifties, you'll find that you may be interested in plastic surgery to supplement your cosmetic procedures. You may also find that hormonal changes require the use of laser hair removal that wasn't needed in the past. Of course, each individual situation is going to be different. You may find that different treatments are right for you at different times than what is suggested here. But this is a common guideline to follow if you'd like to start considering new treatments. Question of the Day: During what decade do you think you're most likely to be interested in skin rejuvenation treatments? photo link
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