Skin Treatment May Be Impacted By Migraines

People who suffer from migraines will tell you that these headaches cause them to double over in pain and require them to stay in bed until the feeling passes. But you probably already knew that. Did you also know that those same migraines might be causing them extreme sensitivity to pain in the face and neck? A new study shows that it isn't just the head that hurts as a result of migraine headaches but that it also increases the sensitivity of the skin, face and neck. The study has some interesting implications for those people who get skin treatments such as chemical peels or laser hair removal. These are typically procedures that cause either no pain or very little pain. However, the study shows that non-painful experiences may be painful to those people who suffer from migraines. As a result, these treatments could be more difficult for people with chronic migraine headaches. The study didn't take a look at the relationship between skin care and migraines. But it can be presumed that there may be issues of concern to look at here as a result of the study. It's something to speak with your doctor and dermatologist about if you feel that it's a problem which may relate to you. Question of the Day: Would you still go get skin treatments even if your migraines made you more sensitive to the pain? photo link
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