Stem Cell Skin Creams: Hype and Fact

People who are interested in anti-aging skin care frequently read up about the latest new things on the market that might help their skin to look and feel younger. One of the things that has been getting a lot of attention in the media in the past year has been skin care creams that claim to be based in scientific use of stem cells that help regenerate the skin. A recent report on these creams shows that they aren't truly effective yet but could hae the potential to be developed into a great product down the line. The main problem with these creams at the current time is that they don't actually utilize live stem cells. If they did, they may be able to work to revive aging skin. Instead, they use a vague process called "stem cell technology" which basically means that the people making these products are still working out the kinks of harnessing the power of the scientific method that they're aiming to use. These products are not harmful in any way so if you're interested in seeing how they work for you, you can. However, it may make more sense to spend your money on skin rejuvenation treatments that have proven to be more effective at the current time. Nevertheless, keep your eye on the news because medical researchers are working hard to bring live stem cell skin care to the market. Question of the Day: What have been the results of anti-aging skin care creams that you've tried? photo link
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