Sunless Tanning Banned for Some People in Australia

Many people opt to get sunless tanning done at their local salon rather than to spend time out in the sun. That's because it is believed to be a safer method of getting a tan due to the fact that you're tanning in a controlled environment. However, the safety of sunless tanning depends on a lot of factors. Not all groups of people should be tanning, whether it's in the salon or out on the beach. People who have very fair skin tones run the risk of exposing themselves to health concerns when they go tanning. For the purposes of sunless tanning, there are different levels of skin types. Type 1, the fairest of skin type, is warned that tanning is a bad idea. Now the legislators in Australia have decided that they're going to keep these people safe. Starting January 1, 2009, a ban will go into effect which will prevent these people from being allowed to tan at local solariums. The ban will also make it so that teens are not legally allowed to tan at salons. There is some debate as to whether or not such a ban is a good idea. On the one hand, protecting consumers is good. On the other hand, these people may just opt to tan in the sun which could have worse effects. Question of the Day: Do you think a sunless tanning ban for certain populations is a good idea? photo link
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