Variety of Beauty Options Today

Most of us take it for granted that we have a whole heck of a lot of options when it comes to improving our looks. For every single part of the face alone, there are different make-up options and different cosmetic enhancement choices to assist us in achieving the appearance we desire. But this wasn't always the way that it was. Just a few generations ago, women were all using the same basic products. There were only a few different ways to change your face and most of those methods didn't account for the diversity in shape, size and skin tone among women. This fact is highlighted in a great article just published by Health News Digest which has a "then and now" look at the way that we enhance different parts of our appearance. For example, it discusses the fact that a few decades ago the only option for changing the shape of your lips was drawing a new shape with your lipstick. Today, of course, there are lip liners and lip plumpers and multiple dermal fillers for the lips. This is important to note because it points to the fact that we appreciate a diverse kind of beauty in the world today. Many people think that cosmetic procedures are bad because they allow women to all strive towards one single ideal of beauty. However, with the variety of procedures out there, what we really see is that women can choose what beauty means to them and then go to attain it! Question of the Day: What are the pros and cons of having so much beauty variety in the market today? photo link
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