Why Other Dermal Fillers Aren't As Dangerous as Botox

Fears that Botox may be harmful to the body have caused a significant drop in the use of the injections among people seeking cosmetic enhancement for their appearance. However, we shouldn't see a similar drop in the other dermal fillers that serve the same purpose as Botox. That's due to the fact that the problem that's cropping up with Botox is directly related to an ingredient that other dermal fillers do not contain. The concern is that scientists now believe that Botox may be able to get into the body, traveling along the nervous system and ultimately reaching the brain. (Learn more from Newsweek.) You might want the wrinkles on your face smoothed away but you don't want the same thing done to the ridges of your brain so this is obviously something to look into. However, the problem is that Botox's primary ingredient is the botulism toxin which can be seriously harmful to the body. There is no indication that other dermal fillers will reach the brain in the same way ... and it should be noted that there ingredients are not as potentially harmful as those in Botox. Alternatives include Collagen which uses bovine collagen as a primary ingredient, Radiesse which has the active ingredient Calcium Hydoxyl-apatite and Restylane which is made from Hyaluronic Acid. Question of the Day: Have you stopped Botox treatments since hearing the recent news about it? photo link
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