Australia's Top Model Causes Controversy with Lip Enhancement

When we talk about the ues of dermal fillers, we're usually talking about their use by older women who are seeking to reduce the appearance of wrinkles in the face. However, there is another common purpose for these products which may be used by younger people. That is for the purpose of plumping up the lips. The procedure is considered to be no big deal in comparison to the range of different cosmetic procedures that are out there. It's something which is done by a fairly large percentage of young women, especially those in Hollywood. However, it caused a lot of controversy in Australia when it was discovered that one of the models from Top Model there had gotten the procedure done several times. Alex Girdwood is twenty years old and she's got all of the beauty that a model could seek. But, just like every other person out there, she had flaws that she wanted fixed. She had thin lips that she desired to be plumper. Not content to use lip-plumping lipsticks for a temporary boost, she got collagen injections in her lips. Read here about the controversy that followed. Question of the Day: Is there anything wrong with a Top Model getting lip augmentation of any kind? photo link
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