Botox As A Way To Leave Youth Behind

When you think about the reasons that someone might get Botox, you probably come up with a mish-mash of causes that all boil down to a general desire to look younger. However, not everyone has the same goal in mind. An interesting article published recently over at Metro Spirit discusses a situation in which Botox can actually be used to rid yourself of some of your youth (in a positive way). The article is written by a woman whose husband opted to get Botox with the goal of removing a deep-seated wrinkle between his brows. The wrinkled caused his face to have an angry look, making people mistake him for being a meaner man than he really was. Although not traditionally interested in cosmetic procedures, he jumped at the chance to get Botox to remove this wrinkle. The article's author points out that her husband was a somewhat angry / angsty teenager who had a chip on his shoulder about the world. As he got older, the angst faded away and he became a chilled-out kind of guy. The brow wrinkled that made him look mean also made him look like he was still an angry teen. Removing it with Botox helped his face reflect the more mature approach to life he'd taken over the years. What an interesting twist on the typical Botox story! Question of the Day: Do you think that women can also use Botox to leave their youth behind or is this a strictly male thing? photo link
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