Botox Parties: Questions to Ask

Last week we discussed Botox parties and getting Botox done at places like your local bar. Although some people may find these situations to have positive results, it is generally recommended that you avoid getting treatments at them. Botox parties can be good for getting information but the actual injections should be done by a qualified doctor in a doctor's office. For those people who are considering attending Botox parties, the ASAPS has put together a list of questions that you should always make sure you've asked yourself about the situation before going ahead with getting treatment. Those questions include things like, "has the doctor taken my medical history" and "is this setting safe in the case of a medical emergency". The purpose of asking yourself questions like these is to make sure that you consider all of the risks of Botox and that you've had adequate information provided to you by an experienced and licensed doctor. It's easy to get lured in to getting Botox when someone is right there offering it to you at a low cost but that doesn't mean it's the best idea at the time. Question of the Day: Do you think Botox parties are a good thing or a bad thing? photo link
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