Celebrity Skin Treatments: Kim Kardashian

If you follow reality television at all then you haven't been able to miss the show Keeping up with the Kardashians. Whether you love it or hate it, it represents the next genre of reality television shows in which we've started watching quasi-celebrities reveal their lives in order to become a new kind of celebrity. One of the characters who has gained some serious attention as a result of the show is Kim Kardashian, the stunning beauty who has revealed all in magazines like Playboy. People who are interested in Kim's appearance may want to know what kind of treatments she's gotten done over the years. A few of the non-invasive procedures that Kim has reportedly had include:
- Laser hair removal. Who can blame her; no woman wants to shave if she doesn't have to and Kim has a busy, busy life.
- VelaShape cellulite reduction and body shaping treatments. These are non-invasive treatments designed to melt the fat right off of the body.
- Basic skin rejuvenation. The treatments she's had are varied but she's done some work to keep her face looking smooth and fresh.
As more of Kim's life gets revealed through reality TV, we might find out more about the different treatments that do and don't work for her over time. Question of the Day: Do you love or hate Kim Kardashian? photo link
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