New Facial Filler Could Hit Market

There is a lot of interesting news coming out of this year's American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ASAPS) meeting which is taking place this week in San Diego. One of the releases that has been announced is the possible move forward of a new facial filler which is designed to augment and contour the face. The product, called Aquamid(R), is intended to be a long-lasting treatment which will allow the patient to achieve results that do not require extensive follow-up. The information presented was based on a five-year study of the treatment that has just concluded in Europe. That study showed that the new product is successful in its goal of improving the appearance of the face by changing its volume and toning its contours. It also showed that the product appears to be safe for the use of patients. It is believed that the makers of Aquamid(R) will now move forward with clinical trials in the United States. Those trials will, of course, take some time so don't expect this product to be on the shelves of your local dermatologist's office quite yet. However, it's looking to be a great new product which could supplement the dermal fillers that are currently being used and so is something to keep an eye on for the future. Question of the Day: Would you be interested in participating in a clinical trial for a product like this facial augmentation filler? photo link
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