The Reasons Some Doctors Are Opposed to Lipodissolve

Lipodissolve is a procedure which has gained a lot of attention as a non-invasive procedure designed to provide some of the same effects as liposuction, reducing weight on the body and providing a more toned and slim appearance. However, the cosmetic surgery industry seems to be divided as to whether Lipodissolve is a good product or one that should be avoided by patients. One doctor recently argued that those surgeons who are opposed to the use of Lipodissolve are biased by the fact that the product may take away from their more invasive surgery practices. This doctor makes the point that the main argument used by anti-Lipodissolve surgeons is an invalid argument. These surgeons are warning consumers that the FDA has not approved Lipodissolve for use in the market. However, this doctor points out that the FDA does not approve procedures (only products) and that Lipodissolve is a procedure. Therefore it's not something that the FDA would have any reason to approve. The reality is that there are pros and cons to Lipodissolve as compared with liposuction. There are more risks involved with liposuction but there may also be more rewards. Patients have to weigh their own needs against the information provided by their doctors in order to determine which of the procedures (if either) is right for them. Question of the Day: What is your initial stance on the question of Lipodissolve? photo link
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