Allergan Moves Forward With Lash Enhancement

Allergan, the company best known for making Botox, has been looking into a new use for another of its products since late last year. Lumigen, a product used in the treatment of glaucoma, is believed to be useful for eyelash enhancement according to the company. They have now completed clinical trials and are moving forward with a request for FDA approval of this new product. It isn't Lumigen, per se, that is going to be hitting the shelves if this approval comes; instead it is a new product that includes some of the ingredients in Lumigen. "The drug known as bimatoprost, a synthetic prostaglandin analog" appears to be successful in actually allowing eyelashes to grow which would reduce the cosmetic need for eyelash enhancers and mascara. If FDA approval comes quickly, Allergan hopes to have this product out on the market as early as next year. The product would be available by prescription through a doctor such as those in your area who give Botox injections. Question of the Day: Would you be interested in lash enhancement? photo link
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