Celebrity Plastic Surgery: Charlize Theron

There are rumors going around that Charlize Theron may be getting cosmetic procedures done in order to enhance the appearance of her face. These rumors are unconfirmed and it is unclear which procedures she may have had done but celebrity gossip hounds suggest that she has a plumper look to her face that probably wasn't achieved naturally. One suggestion has been that she has gotten cheek implants in order to round out her face and create a more sensual look. Another suggestion has been that she has gotten a "mid third face lift" which is designed to reduce the need for a future face lift by catching problems with the sagging of the face early on. What may actually be the case is that Theron may just be getting dermal filler injections. These injections are designed to plump up the face, round out the appearance of the cheeks and decrease any signs of wrinkles. This is probably the most likely procedure that Theron is getting done if indeed she is having cosmetic work. Question of the Day: Is Charlize Theron getting cosmetic surgery to improve the appearance of her face over the years? photo link
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