Dealing with Summer Sweat

There are a lot of really great things about summer but even good things have their drawbacks. For summer, one of the big drawbacks is sweat. Nobody likes to be sweaty and gross and the problem is never more pronounced than during this time of year. Luckily, there are things that you can do to diminish the amount of sweat that seeps out of you so that you can continue to be attractive and appealing in spite of the summer heat. The most common treatment for seasonal sweat problems is Botox injections into the arm pits. This is a common procedure requested by summer brides who don't want to sweat all over their wedding dresses due to the warm weather and those jittery nerves. It's also something that may be done by the average person to relieve themselves of the embarassment of sweating during hot summer days. A recent study revealed than more than half of Americans are embarassed by underarm sweat but only about five percent of those who consider it a problem actually seek out assistance from a health care professional. It's not something that you just have to live with it; it's something that you can easily treat. Question of the Day: Are you interested in skin rejuvenation procedures that treat sweating? photo link
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