Gordon Ramsay Denies Botox Rumors

Rumors began circulating about a month ago that celebrity TV chef Gordon Ramsay was getting some Botox treatments done to soften his appearance. He has recently denied these rumors and seems almost offended that people said that this might be the case. The offense seems to come more from a disbelief that people think he would care what others think about him than any specific issue with Botox or cosmetic procedures. The celebrity chef is known for being a hard-edged, aggressive, tough kind of guy. Going in to the cosmetic surgeon to get Botox doesn't really jive well with that image. He's also known for being no-nonsense and unconcerned about how others think of him (except in regards to his culinary skills) so it wouldn't make a lot of sense for him to be getting cosmetic work done. On the other hand, he does appear on television nightly and that means his face is floating around out there in HD. It wouldn't be too unfathomable to think that even this tough celebrity chef would like to look a little younger since his face is plastered all over the place. But he says it's not the case. Question of the Day: Has Chef Gordon Ramsay ever had any sort of cosmetic surgery? photo link
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