Should You Get Botox on a Cruise This Summer

If you're someone who takes cruises every summer, you're probably going to discover that there's something new aboard your boat. This year seems to be a popular year for people to have the option of getting treatments like Botox while on board the cruise. Is this a good idea or should it be avoided? Pros of Getting Botox on a Cruise: - Safe in comparison to other public Botox. This isn't like getting Botox at a bar; the doctor is probably going to be licensed (although you should double check). - You're on vacation so you have time to just relax and get treatments like this. - You may be able to arrive at your destination with a great new look. Cons of Getting Botox on a Cruise: - You're out on the water so there are more risks from medical complications than if you were in a doctor's office near an emergency room. - The immediate appearance of your face following treatments isn't always great so you may find that your vacation photos feature a puffy look that you were not expecting. - It's not a good idea to be out in the sun for long periods of time immediately following most treatments. The cruise lines that are beginning to offer this option are doing all that they can to make sure that it's a positive experience for the people who decided to try out. However, it's something you should think about carefully before forging ahead with. If you can book your Botox appointment with a local doctor a week or two in advance of the cruise, you may be happier with the results. Question of the Day: Should you get Botox while on a cruise ship? photo link
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