Botox and Facials for the Armpits

When you think about going to a skin rejuvenation doctor to get a treatment like Botox, you are almost certainly thinking about getting an injection to the face. Of course, you might be aware of the fact that Botox is used on other parts of the body, but the mainstream Botox user is planning to get injections that will reduce facial wrinkling. And when you start talking about simple treatments like a "facial", you're almost certainly talking about treatments done to improve the appearance of the face. But not necessarily. There is a spa in New York that is offering botox treatments and a "facial" for the underarms as part of a summer special. You may think that this sounds ridiculous but it actually makes a lot of sense. Many people do make use of Botox injections to reduce sweating, particularly prior to big events like weddings. And when it comes to the armpit facial, what you're really talking about is waxing and smoothing the skin in this area. Question of the Day: How many different applications are there for Botox? photo link
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