Fat Injections Increasingly Important for Facial Cosmetic Surgery

Facial cosmetic surgery sees a surge in different trends over time. Some of these trends stick; others quickly fade away. In some cases, procedures that are around for a long time suddenly begin to get popular. That has been the case for the procedure of fat grafting which can be used to supplement the results of cosmetic surgery for the face. Changes have been taking place in how fat grafting is done which include reducing the amount of fat grafting that is done in a relatively new procedure. This procedure goes by several names including structural fat grafting, microfat grafting and lipostructure. It refers to the use of limited fat grafting using injections that basically create layers in the skin. These layers allow for naturally renewed skin growth in the area of the injection and ultimately lead to improved natural-looking results for cosmetic procedures of the face. Learn more about this interesting trend here. Question of the Day: Should fat grafting injections be used for cosmetic surgery procedures on the face? photo link
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