New Collagen Filler Approved by FDA

People who are interested in reducing the appearance of aging are going to choose a few major procedures that are helpful in this area. The most common of these procedures is the use of a dermal filler to plump up the cheeks and reduce wrinkling in the face. The more choices that a patient has among dermal fillers, the more likely it is that he or she will find tthe results of the procedure to be satisfying. There's good news in this area because the FDA has just approved a new dermal filler to be added to the list of available options for patients seeking this type of cosmetic enhancement. The new dermal filler is a collagen-based facial filler called Evolence. The product is specifically designed to correct facial wrinkles and folds that often aren't addressed through the use of other dermal fillers (such as correction of nasolabial folds). The product has been safely used in other countries for the past four years and will now be available in the American market. Doctors will begin receiving training to use this product in the second half of this year so patients should expect to see it made available shortly after that. Question of the Day: What makes this new dermal filler different from the other dermal fillers already available on the market? photo link
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