New Dermal Filler Passes Clinical Trials

When people first started getting Botox injections, the average person didn't really know what these were for. Today, almost everyone knows the purpose and use of Botox as aan anti-wrinkle, anti-aging product. And many people realize that there are a lot of dermal filler injections out there trying to do what Botox does but to do it better. One of those newer products, CosmetaLife, has just passed clinical trials. This is a gel-based dermal filler designed to reduce the appearance of aging in the face. It is reported to be longer-lasting than many of the dermal fillers on the market today due to the fact that it offers natural dermal correction. The company that makes this product hopes to release it to the market as early as next year. Question of the Day: Should we continue to make new dermal fillers in the hope that they will be even better than leading products like Botox and Restylane? photo link
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